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Keep your lights on when the rest of the neighborhood goes dark! Get through the next power outage in comfort. Sun Dollar Energy leads the industry installing off-grid capable solar energy systems with battery backup so you can be prepared for anything.

These off-grid PV solar systems provide a dual purpose. When the utility grid is up and in working order, the system offsets your usage, saving you money and reducing or eliminating your energy bill. When the grid goes down during a storm, North Carolina hurricane, or natural disaster, your system’s battery bank kicks in to provide reliable power for you and your family.

Imagine complete energy independence for your home!

Sun Dollar Energy has experience installing several different off grid capable products. Check out some of our videos below to see some of these installations in the field.

Build a Solar Home and go completely off grid! We can make your dreams of off grid living a reality.

Instructional Videos

Raleigh Off Grid Solar Panels
Raleigh Solar Power System Installation with Battery Back Up
4kw Off Grid System in Raleigh, NC
Off Grid Solar Home 6kw Array
Be prepared when the grid goes down with this solar and battery back up system.

Install any of the following off-grid PV solar energy systems or you can ask us to design one specific to your needs.

Generator vs. Solar w/ Battery Back Up

If you want power when the grid goes down you need either a generator or a solar with battery back up system. Generators are noisy, emit dangerous carbon monoxide, require maintenance and a steady supply of fuel which may be in short supply before and after a major storm hits. A solar with battery back up system will save you money when the grid is up and provide clean and consistent power if the grid goes down. If sized properly a solar with battery back up system can even take your home off the grid completely.

Solar Edge's New Store Edge Inverter seen below is compatible with the LG Chem lithium ion battery pack. Lithium Ion batteries have a longer life expectancy than traditional Lead acid batteries and can be cycled all the way down to a zero state of charge with out damaging the battery.

Solar power acccessories attached to wallBattery storage besides house
LG chem battery attached to wall


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