Should I use TIGO or Enphase?

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I’ve been in the solar industry for 4 years and have heard this question over and over industry people as well as customers. Not wanting to seem a pushy salesman I’ve always tried to empower my customers with information and let them make their own decision. The customer is always right after all. My experience so far has proven Enphase has a great web based monitoring software, much better than you can get from any inverter based monitoring system. Enphase is a microinverter that mounts under the panel and converts DC power to AC and then feeds directly into your service panel. The main benefit of which is that there are no strings so each panel produces power independently, a big advantage if you experience any periodic shade as most residential systems do. There is also no large inverter located near your service panel and they claim you can easily expand the system later by simply adding panels and micro-inverters. Nice if your budget only allows for you to buy a 5kw system but you would really like a 10kw some day.